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Current Installation at Wicked Illustrations in Lewiston, ME

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Recently I've had the exciting opportunity to hang up some of my paintings in an art installation at Wicked Illustrations in Lewiston, ME. Wicked Illustrations is a lively studio and art gallery that hosts parties, workshops, and classes. They provide an environment for artists to embrace their creativity and uniqueness. In fact, I took classes there when I was younger, and my part of my passion for art stems from the amazing guidance I received there.

These paintings represent more than just a love for art, they are a reflection of my imagination. To me, imagination is the doorway to endless possibilities, a boundless land of potential. I truly believe it is one of humanity's greatest abilities. Our consciousness is capable of more than we know, and these paintings are just a glimpse into the creations of my mind. Imagination has the power to turn a blank canvas into a magnificent painting, a wondrous realm of opportunity. In a world that presents many challenges, imagination provides a sweet escape. It empowers us to envision a better future and see worlds beyond what we know.

I want to thank Wicked Illustrations for giving me a place to put my imagination on display. If you would like to check out this installation in person, you can drop into Wicked Illustrations during their open hours. You can also view my work during the next Art Walk, which takes place on Canal St. and Lisbon St. in Lewiston on the last Friday of every month.

Stay tuned for the next blog and visit my website often to get a fresh look at my new work.


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